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☑ Have Chrome installed (if you don't already)

You’ll need to install Google Chrome to use Blockly for CoDrone Mini.If you have already installed Chrome browser, you can skip to the next step.

Download Google ChromeNEXT

☑ Turn on the "Experimental Web Platform features" flag

Follow the animation below to turn on the “Experimental Web Platform features” in Google Chrome's flags page.
This lets Blockly talk to the drone's remote controller when it's plugged in to your computer's USB port.


Copy and paste the following URL into your Chrome browser address bar to get to the Chrome flags page:



☑ Make sure Blockly can pair with your CoDrone Mini

Watch the following video on how to connect your CoDrone Mini to your computerand pair with the Blockly for CoDrone Mini.

Open Blockly for CoDrone MiniNEXT

If in the last step the pop-up list is empty, your computer might need the driver in order for Blockly to talk to your CoDrone Mini remote. You can download the driver here:

☑ Make sure you can take off and land in Blockly

Use the blocks in Blocky to take off and land, just to make sure everything's working properly.


Here's a peek into some of our classes