Driver Control

The driver control program allows you to drive your robot as well as test and configure your own creations. In order to use driver control, first make sure your robot’s brain is on. (please note: you must also connect your robot’s brain to the remote control by using a tether cable) Do this by pressing the check mark on your robot's brain.

Next, make sure you have driver control highlighted and press the check mark once again. Then select “Run” and confirm. This should allow you to drive the robot.

Note: Driver Control is a default tool that you are only allowed to use to test your robot. You must program your own remote control in order to play the VEX IQ game.

Motors must be plugged into the following ports:

  • Port 1: Left Drive Motor
    • Controlled by the left Joystick
  • Port 4: Motor
    • Controlled by the buttons (R up and R down)
  • Port 5: Motor
    • Controlled by the buttons (F up and F down)
  • Port 6: Right Drive Motor
    • Controlled by the right Joystick
  • Port 10: Motor
    • Controlled by the buttons (L up and L down)
  • Port 11: Motor
    • Controlled by the buttons (E up and E down)


Practice driving the robot! Remember to take turns and share the remote with your team mate. Make sure everyone gets a turn with driving the robot.

Try using your newly built base bot to play the game! Familiarize yourself with the rules and test out what you are able to do with your base bot. Try playing a game and see how well you and your teammates do with your current robot.

Make a pros and cons chart for your robot. List some possible room for improvements and place this in your engineering notebook.