The following will demonstrate how to use the remote control included in the Rokit Smart kit.

Default Remote Control Settings

Please note that you can enter the remote control program by either selecting program 13 or by placing  dipswitch 3 up prior to turning on the Smart Inventor Board. remote0

Remote Control Channel Configuration

You can control a robot when the robot’s mainboard and controller have the same channel. Please note that there are only 4 channels that you can use with RokitSmart.You may only change the channel configuration when you are in remote control mode.

Mainboard Channel Set-up

You can set up the channel by lifting a switch up or down. You can change the channel while you are controlling the robot.

Controller Channel Set-up

You can set up a channel for the controller by using the remotes’ buttons CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4, these can be found on the bottom portion of the remote.

  1. Place your robot in remote control mode by either selecting program 13 or flipping dipswitch 3 up.
  2. Set the dipswitch on your smart inventor board to the proper orientation based on the above image.
  3. Select the button channel corresponding to the selected dipswitch orientation, by pressing and holding the button down for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. This will prompt the red led on the remote to flash.
  4. This should allow you to use the remote with your robot.