Introducing CoDronia

We are very excited to introduce something we’ve been cooking up for the last few months. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from parents who have wanted to have a better understanding of where their kids are in their classes and what kinds of things they are learning. So we’ve created what we’re calling “CoDronia”. Behold!

CoDronia junior blockly pathway


CoDrone is a collection of various islands where drones live, each with challenges that need to be solved by learning a different concept in coding. Students who go on this adventure will learn how to use flight variables to land on platforms on one island; on another island, they’ll learn how to use red, green, blue values to control the drone’s lights and create a rainbow; on yet another island, they might learn how to program their keyboard to be their drone remote. Each island has a unique set of challenges to complete, and along the way, you’ll get a passport to track your progress.


The Passport and Lanyard

At the start of your journey, you’ll be given two items: a passport and a lanyard. The traveler’s passport will be given to you to track your progress on your adventure through CoDronia. In it you’ll find various maps of the three regions of CoDronia.

The lanyard will be for you to place the metallic badges that you’ll earn along your journey through CoDronia, when you’ve reached certain milestones and completed various challenges.

CoDrone Passport render


Earning Badges

These are the badges that you’ll earn at each of the milestones. They’re metallic, sleek, and will go nicely when pinned on your lanyard, which you can show off proudly.

Badges on a lanyard


Achievement Stickers

In the back of the passport, you will also find a section for achievement stickers. These achievement stickers are optional challenges that you can attempt once you’ve met the requirements. For example: once you’ve learned about flight commands, you can attempt to earn the “Perfect Landing” achievement by landing perfectly in a target. Or if you’re into basketball, you can attempt to fly your drone through a hoop using code. There are even achievement stickers for perfect attendance or bringing a friend onto your team.

Grid of achievement stickers


The Award Ceremony

Finally, at the end of each month, all students with Robolink who have earned badges or achievements will receive their awards at our virtual award ceremony. There, they’ll be anointed with their newly earned badges and achievements, and have a chance to show off their accomplishments to instructors, fellow students, and attending parents.


So come on our adventure, won’t you? Our first journey to CoDronia starts in February!


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