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About Us

Robolink was established in 2012 in San Diego, California to encourage students to engage with STEM. We make fun and approachable robotics kits that bring computer science to life and teach real industry competency. They’re also at the cutting edge of technology! We were the first to make a programmable educational drone as well as a self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence. 

Our mission

Make STEM education accessible, engaging, and fun for all. We teach programming and artificial intelligence through our robots, work with teachers all over the world, and ship kits to (almost) all seven continents.

Meet the Team

We're a bunch of engineers, educators, science lovers, builders, and makers

Core Team
Faculty and Staff

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Our Products

For students and hobbyists alike, coding’s more fun when it comes to life! Our products make artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and self-driving technology accessible to everyone!


Build robots that can solve mazes, play soccer, fly, and battle


Learn STEM skills that will make you a better problem solver in the future


Learn to write real code that controls the robots that you build

Featured Videos

Robolink x iDesign Solutions Remote Robotics Webinar

After talking to teachers across the country, we figured out how to incorporate robotics into distance learning! All the robots in your classroom can be controlled by students with their own devices from home!

CoDrone mini: How to fly your drone with the remote

Today, our instructor, Jordan, will show you how to control your CoDrone Mini with the remote control.

Introduction to AI with Zumi!

This video will cover what Zumi is, what’s inside Zumi, tools you’ll be using, and what the journey looks like ahead.









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