What’s Inside a Rokit Smart Kit

Every Rokit Smart Kit will include the following

  • 1 main board
  • 2 DC motors (360 rotation)
  • 2 horn adaptors
  • 1 carrying kit complete with nuts, bolts, & screws
  • 4 peg boards
  • 1 Micro USB cable
  • 1 USB to UART Connector cable
  • Assorted frame set
  • 1 battery box
  • 1 remote control with battery (4 channels)
  • 1 Phillips screw driver
  • 1 Nut driver
  • 2 wheels

The included download cable will enable you to use the Arduino IDE to program the Smart Inventor Board.

Smart Inventor Board Pin Map

This is a pin layout that you can utilize when programming the Smart Inventor Board

PinMap for the SmartInventor Board

The Smart Inventor board has the following components already built onto the board:

  • 4 DC motor pins
  • 5 External Digital Ports
  • 5 External Analog Ports
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 3 Dip switches
  • 8 Blue LED lights
  • 3 IR Sensors(TOP), 7 IR Sensors(Bottom)
  • 1 IR Receiver

By default the board comes pre-installed with 11 programs for our 11 default robot builds.

  1. Flip the power switch to the “ON” position.
  2. By default, the board has a LED positioned for the first program. To select a program you will use the left and right IR sensors. The Left IR sensor makes you move down a program(you will see the LED position change and move to the left), while the Right IR sensor makes you move up a program (you will see the LED position change and move to the right). The Center IR sensor allows you to execute a program after you have selected it.

When coding please follow the initial coding setup:

  1. Place Dipswitch 1 in the “ON” position on the Smart Inventor Board. It is the red box with 1,2,3 on it.
  2. Connect the USB to UART connector to the Micro USB cable and attach it to the board. This will prompt the right most LED to blink, indicating you are in programming mode.
  3. In programming mode you can utilize the Arduino Sketch to create your own programs, or even modify our robot programs.
    • Note: you must install the Arduino IDE in order to program.