The Pin-Point mission is a simple challenge consisting of taking off and landing autonomously on a specific pin-point landing zone.


In this simple challenge, players will use fully autonomous code to navigate their CoDrone from start to finish.  All players must start from the same spot and must land within the landing zone to complete the mission.  Maneuvers will be based on timing, so players might have to revise their codes after each failure to hone in on the target.

An example of a Pin-Point code is shown below:

How to play:

  1. Setup:

Setup a starting zone and a landing zone.  The players must start from the starting zone and land in the landing zone using only autonomous code and their kill-switch.

  1. Begin:

Begin by placing the CoDrone in the starting zone.  When the player is ready, they can initiate the maneuver to try to land in the landing zone.

  1. Revise:

Review and revise the code based on how close or far you were last time and try again.


  • You can use the stop button to drop the drone in the landing zone to complete the mission
  • Multiple players will alternate turns
  • All parts of the CoDrone that are touching the ground must be within the landing zone for it to count
  • Each contestant gets a set time to complete the challenge
  • First one to successfully land in the landing zone wins


There can be multiple variations of this mission ranging in difficulty.  A few variations will include:

  • A landing pad straight in front of the starting pad
  • A landing pad diagonally away from the starting pad
  • A hoop or tunnel to fly through to get to the landing pad
  • For RokitSmart owners: Create a moving landing pad with the RokitSmart kit and try to land on it using the CoDrone

The stop button can be used to land in the landing zone. Challenges should be timed for competitions.