Snap Lesson 1: Programming
Here we will learn how to create programs for the CoDrone


We will learn how to create programs in Snap for the CoDrone. 

To make programs in Snap all we have to do is drag blocks form the menus on the left to the coding area in the middle. To add a block to run after another all it takes is to have it snap to the bottom like a puzzle piece.

Starting Blocks

When Flag Clicked


  • Starts the code below it when the green flag is clicked

Now that we can connect your controller we will start working on programming your CoDrone.

We will create a test program to show how to run the code. We will start with a when flag clicked block and then connect below it a say hello! for 2 seconds block. Then when we press the green flag it should display “hello!”  for 2 seconds.



Now you know how to create and run programs in Snap!