Snap Mission 3: Flappy Bird
This mission is to fly the CoDrone from one location to another, but the CoDrone is constantly falling and going forward. Then when the user presses a button it will climb upwards.

Neutral above studio shot


We can only control the throttle of the CoDrone. It is always moving forward, and when the button is not pressed it will fall downwards.

To do this we will have the throttle control in an if statement to determine if the button is pressed, if it is we will set the throttle to full up and if it is not pressed to full down. Then we just need to set the pitch to go forward.


How to play:

  1. Setup
    • Setup a starting zone and a target area (going through a door way works well).  The competitors will attempt to take off from the starting zone and attempt to make it to the target zone using only the this code.
    • Setup some obstacles to fly over and under (boxes and tables to fly over, and broomsticks and such to fly under).
  2. Begin
    • Begin by placing the CoDrone in the starting zone.  When the player is ready, they can start the code.
  3. Fly
    • Try to make it to the end without crashing into anything, if you do start over at the starting zone.


  • Multiple players will alternate turns
  • All parts of the CoDrone must be within the target zone for it to count
  • Each contestant gets a set time to complete the challenge
  • First one to successfully land in the landing zone wins



There can be multiple variations of this mission ranging in difficulty.  A few variations will include:

  • A hoop or tunnel to fly through to get to the target area
  • Increase the pitch speed to increase the difficulty

The kill-switch can be used to stop the CoDrone during your run.