Snap Mission 7: Bowling
This mission is to make your CoDrone bowl.

Neutral above studio shot


The Bowling mission will be a creativity and skill based challenge.  There will be targets or pins set up down a lane across from the CoDrone, much like a bowling lane.  The competitors will be allowed to start their CoDrone anywhere behind a set line and facing any direction.  They will be challenged to create an autonomous program to fly their CoDrone into the pins to knock them over.


A simple code would be like this: takeoff, go forward, stop.

However many professional bowlers do not bowl in a straight line. You can try to have your CoDrone fly in different ways to knock them down. Maybe a curve, maybe a zig-zag, maybe a spin, whatever you think is best.

Challenge: Try to find the best way to bowl a strike with your CoDrone, or at least get as many knocked down as you can.