How to Construct a Ramp on a Sumo bot

This lesson will demonstrate how to create the pieces necessary to building a basic ramp.

Adding a ramp to a sumo bot is usually a good decision for the following reasons.

  • Ability to lift opponent.
  • Lifting opponents wheels.
  • Harder to be flipped.

This Sumo bot is an example of a ramp design, it was modified to use only one blue board in order to maintain a compact form. The hardest part of building a ramp is building angled connectors. One way to build this will be shown.

You will need the following pieces in order to create the angled connector. Three small L frames, one long L frame, and four small bolts and nuts. Once it is built you can mount it wherever you want and attach the pieces necessary to extend the ramp.

Once these pieces are all connected they should look like this.

One thing to note is that whatever design you go with, make sure to avoid “sealing” the batteries by building around the battery box. Avoid  making the batteries inaccessible. The batteries determine how powerful the motors are, you will want to have a fresh pair of batteries for the real battles and switching them out fast is key.  To avoid this you may build a hinge in order to have a moving piece exposing the four batteries.