Explore the World of Virtual STEM Summer Camps with Robolink!

Ever since the pandemic hit the world and gave unprecedented adjustments everywhere, schools and the education field has been very much affected – every school experiences were treated differently as students are not allowed to be physically at school. With the present situation, learning takes place at home and teaching is done virtually. A lot of school activities are done this way as well, including the kids’ favorite – Summer camps! A number of institutions have offered virtual summer camps which started last year. But the most recent famous summer camps involve STEM programs that allow kids to be exposed to STEM learning from home.

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM camps are the best avenue to introduce kids to the world of advancement such as coding and programming. There are a wide variety of lists for all ages, experience levels and interests. These are opportunities to learn to code, design video games, experience digital animation and more. In fact, searching the web on virtual summer camps will give you multiple options to choose from. Trusted websites like http://stemkitreview.com/ will give you loads of ideas for the best STEM camps.

Want to know the best STEM camps for your kids? Recently, Robolink has been featured as one of the best virtual camps around the corner. Having their mission as making STEM education accessible, engaging and fun, Robolink made sure that it will rise above the challenge to still cultivate technology to the next generation of innovators and inventors amidst the uncertainties of COVID-19. That’s why they’ve put up virtual summer camps to continue influencing young minds to learn and explore the world of STEM.

Robolink offers real-time, instructor-led online activities where kids can learn the latest technology at the convenience of their own homes. Choose from afterschool and weekend camps, holiday camps and summer camps. And the best part in virtual learning is, you can learn from home, real-time, anywhere around the world! Robolink’s summer camps also offer unique, stand-alone projects and activities so your child can engage with other kids as well. 

STEM Learning Online

The program also lets your kids mix and match classes to find out which program they prefer. Not to mention Robolink’s set of instructors are also one of the reasons why their summer camps are on top of the list. They are cream of the crop, certified tech education professionals and engineering/computer science students from major universities that were trained meticulously to ensure your kids have the greatest experience.

Robolink’s summer camps are definitely a venue for your kids to learn new skills, exploring the world of STEM while having fun all at the same time. They will surely gain lots of knowledge, experiences and friends too! 

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