While there are many ways to foster a student’s interest in technology, Robolink focuses on online tutoring, and fun hardware kits. During San Diego’s spring break, Reality Changers enlisted the help of Robolink to offer 24 students a CoDrone Mini and enrollment into our Spring Break Camp, learning how to code drones using Python   

Reality Changers

Reality Changers, a San Diego based organization that prepares students to become first-generation college graduates, has been providing local youth with positive peer role models with their three-state college readiness program.

Reality Changer’s students wanted to broaden their coding skills while working together in groups. By joining Robolink’s camps, they were able to drone coding with Python in small teams of 4 students per instructor.

“I have a little background in drones. I am extremely interested in them so the opportunity to be able to code a mini drone was amazing. I even get to keep my own mini drone!” ~ Reality Changers student

Reality ChangersIn Robolink’s camp, students learned about the drone industry while learning how to program flight commands, LEDs, sensors, and sound using Python.

“Coding isn’t as intimidating as it seems and it can also be very enjoyable.”, “I liked being able to code something and see it work”, “I learned how to code a drone using a program called python. I also learned how to use my drone with my keyboard. I did all this while having fun” ~ Reality Changers students

Learning how to code in Python, creates a transferable skill to many fields like App design, game development, AI technology, and builds 21st century skills.

Reality Changers

“This coding camp was absolutely awesome, (…), I really really like building and creating robots, the process and the end results of constructing robots is just a joy to participate. Still, this robot isn’t going anywhere, unless it was coded. My levels of understanding of code greatly increase, I feel like I barely scratch the surface of coding, but this camp formulated an itch in my mind that I really want to scratch and develop even further, that itch being coding of course. Thanks again for this awesome opportunity! ~ Reality Changers student

These students are currently in the 11th grade and are planning for their college careers. By attending Robolink’s camps, students were able to narrow down their field of interest.


“Thank you so much for making this learning opportunity possible (…)! This camp taught me a lot about the basics of Python and it allowed me to really confirm that I want to pursue coding/computer science as my future career/college major. (…). I am very thankful for how you have helped me and hope you continue making this opportunity possible for future low income/first generation college students.“ ~ Reality Changers student

Robolink would like to offer it’s sincere gratitude to Reality Changers for partnering and entrusting us to teach the engineers of the future. Your students were a delight to teach and we’re so happy we were able to have the opportunity to help build their tech skills.

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