Hello World!

We’re happy to introduce our brand-spanking-new Robolink Blog! We just launched the new website a few weeks ago, and we’ve gotten plenty of feedback, which has been very helpful.  As our community in San Diego, Kickstarter, facebook, and our customers around the world have grown, we feel like this will be a good way to keep folks up to date with what we’re up to.


Here we will try our best to talk about things we think you folks will find interesting.  You will find topics such as the various happenings at Robolink, interesting events we have going on (such as contests, events we are attending, product launches), news and opinions about the robotics and STEM education industry, and hopefully the occasional post that will bring a chuckle to you or brighten your day.

Students around table at Robolink

We would also love to hear from our community about what topics interest you as well! So if you’re so inclined, feel free to drop us a suggestion in the comments below.  We would like this become a platform for interacting and engaging with our community as we grow together.

So let’s get talking. Cheers, folks!

"I ultimately got into robotics because for me, it was the best way to study intelligence."

Sebastian Thrun