The following will demonstrate how to upload the default Rokit Smart programs.

Please Complete the Full installation of the Arduino IDE, Drivers, and Add-on Files before continuing.

  1. Open the Arduino IDE
  2. Once opened, click on file > Sketchbook > 00.Rokit > Smart
    • Open the sketch named “Recovery_Smart-Inventor_160322”
  3. Turn off the SmartInventor board
  4. Flip dip switch 1 up to set the board to programming mode.
  5. Connect the Smart Inventor Board to the computer using included USB cable,  this should prompt the blue LED located in the far right to flash.
    • If it is not flashing, press the black reset button next to the dip switch.
  6. Check that the board and port match your configuration
    1. Select the tools tab, and check that the board displays: Rokit-Smartinventor-mega32_v2
    2. Select the tools tab, and check that the port displays the correct COM
  7. Click the upload button on the Arduino IDE
    • This is the icon with the arrow pointing right
  8. Wait for the board to finish uploading the code, the Arduino IDE will display “done uploading” on the lower right hand side when complete.
  9. Flip dip switch 1 down to initialize the default programs.