Connecting to Snap!

To connect your CoDrone to Snap! we will first open up the Robolink Snap! program.


Then we will connect the bluetooth board to the computer. To do so plug in the USB cable into the Bluetooth board on the controller and the other end into your computer.


Click the reset button on the bluetooth board to set it to connect mode.  The LED light should blink red.




Next go to the CoDrone tab on Rokit Brick.


Then click “Connect to nearest drone” this connects to the CoDrone with the strongest signal. If you have previously connected to your CoDrone and it was the last CoDrone you connected to then you can use the “Connect to the connected drone”.

It will then ask you which port it is plugged in on, select the correct port (often the last port on the list). Note it may take a moment to pull up the list of available ports.

It will connect to the board and try to find a CoDrone to connect to. Make sure your CoDrone is on (battery is in) and trying to pair (blinking green light on the back).  Once it finds one it will ask if you want to connect to it.

Then if it is the CoDrone you want click “OK”. If your CoDrone is the only one in the room the first CoDrone it finds is the correct one. If there are several in the room you will need to figure out which one is your by connecting to it and seeing which one it connects to  (the connected CoDrone will have a solid green led on the back).

Your CoDrone is now connected to your computer!