Install Robolink Snap! for OSX

First we need to download the latest version of the Robolink Snap! software.

Once we have it downloaded we need to extract the file.


Double click on the RBCoDrone application.

Click open if you get the following message.

TIP! – The first time you run the package, you may get a message stating that you can not open the application because it can not be verified. In this case, use the Finder to find the RBCoDrone package by clicking on the download item (the red box below), then right-clicking and selecting “Open”. You can then double-click the Finder without using the Finder.

We now have the Robolink Snap! software installed on your computer.

Install the Bluetooth Driver

1.  Download the driver.

Mac OSX 

2. Double Click on the SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg



3. Now click on Silicon Lab VCP Driver.



4. Click continue and follow the instructions given on the Installer.
5. Click Agree.
6. Click Install and enter user password when asked.
7. Done!



Now you can enjoy Snap with CoDrone.