Install Robolink Snap!

First we need to download the latest version of the Robolink Snap! software.

Then once we have it downloaded we need to extract the RBCodrone.

We now have the Robolink Snap! software installed on your computer.

Note: Make sure that you have all the files shown above, especially the .exe files (applications). Some firewalls block downloads that contain .exe files for security. If your does you should be able to go into your settings to either allow downloading files containing .exe or you may need to temporarily disable your firewall to allow the download to go through.

Double click RBCodrone.exe to open Robolink Snap!

Install the Bluetooth Driver

1.  Download the driver from the silabs download page. Select the appropriate driver for your operating system, (Download VCP) or choose from the list below:

Windows (7/8/8.1/10)

Mac OSX 

Linux 3.x.x

Driver WebPage

2.  Save the file to desktop. While the file download completes, extract/unzip/uncompress the file to a new folder and run the appropriate ‘CP210xVCPInstaller_x…exe’ for your operating system.  For Windows, you can determine your x64 or x86 bit operating system by going to the Start menu, right clicking This PC (Or My Computer), and selecting Properties.


3. Run the Installer.  If successful, your driver should now be installed!

Driver unzip

Update Bluetooth Firmware (Optional)

Make sure your bluetooth board has the latest firmware.

While holding the upload button, connect the Bluetooth board to your computer with the upload cable


Hold the upload button while plugging in

The indicator light should be blinking blue


Download the Bluetooth Firmware Updater.  Unzip the contents of the file into a new folder.


Double click FirmwareUpdater to run the firmware updater.


Click UPDATE to begin.  When the green progress bar completes, your update is finished!